Integrated Research Infrastructure for Social Science (IRISS) is aimed at filling a gap that currently exists in national research infrastructure that is: addressing fragmentation, establishing a new foundation for integration of data, analysis and platforms for social science research in Australia. The project is oriented around improved integration across the research lifecycle of the social sciences. 

Time and Space

Image credit: Time and Space cc-by-nc 2.0

A system to:

  • Enhance nationally significant datasets that underpin empirical social science research.
  • Coordinate data and research infrastructure components that support data-drive social science research.

By means of:

  • Using best practice data harmonisation techniques, domain informatics and interoperability standards.
  • An integrated workflow between vocabularies, survey tools and data repository service.

In order to:

  • Create critical longitudinal, demographic and geospatial data infrastructure for social science researchers to build their evidence base on.
  • Establish a foundation for national research infrastructure for social science research.

Project Outcomes

There are four project outcomes:

  1. Coordinated data governance and integration – establishing a coordinated governance and integration model for the provision of data and infrastructure in the social sciences and related disciplines in Australia.
  2. Enhanced research infrastructure – enhancing the research capacity of Australian social science researchers, through the development of tools and services to enable the creation, dissemination and use of quantitative and qualitative social science data sources.
  3. New data integration environment – enabling a cost-effective and accessible data integration environment (for lower risk data).
  4. New researcher training opportunities – providing a new program library for data processing and training packages for the management of social science research data.
Australian Research Data Commons
National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy

The IRISS project received investment (https://doi.org/10.47486/HIR002) from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).