Project Phases

The IRISS project has three major phases 2022-2023.

Phase 1 – Q1-2 2022

Phase 2 – Q3-4 2022

Phase 3 – Q1-2 2023


The requirements and technical designs for WP2-WP6 will be captured at the outset as a cross-cutting activity and centred around WP4.   


The tools and service developments associated with WP2-WP6 will be staged and checked for dependencies that impact WP4.


The move into operations for WP2-WP3 and WP5-WP6 will be staged and checked for dependences that impact WP4. 

The Research and Technical working groups drive the Conceptualisation and Development phases (WP2-WP6) i.e., to establish a common set of requirements and to establish new integration capabilities for social science research. 

Work Packages

Five work packages (WP2 to WP6) enable project partners to capture and develop shared policy (data governance and integration model) and technical requirements that inform new data products, tools and services development (in three phases) and aligned with WP4 (and the three demonstration projects).

Work PackageDescriptionLeadPhase
WP1 (PMO)Project managementANUAll
WP2 (VASSSAL)VocabularyANUAll
WP3 (GeoSocial)Data integrationUQAll
WP4 (Demo)DemonstrationsANUAll
WP5 (SPIRE)Survey integration ANUAll
WP6 (CARDSS)Data curationANUAll

Demonstrator Projects

There are three small scale demonstrator projects to establish and illustrate the integrative capabilities of combined services in IRISS that:

  • support varied forms of data analysis such as: spatial data analysis and the use of sensitive data in suitable trusted facilities; and,
  • enable integration of analysis tools and environments.


These projects establish the fitness for purpose of services developed and establish requirements for phase two of IRISS.

Spatial data analysis – leverages the census data outputs of the Australian Census Digital Collection demonstrator

Sensitive data analysis – leverages survey and curation tools to assess their suitability for use in a sensitive data environment

Australian Census Digital Collection – a collection development program, building on a national audit of the current state of small area census data in Australia, making content machine-accessible and readily reusable

IRISS Services

  • API service – authoritative vocabularies are machine-accessible and used by survey, GIS and curation tools
  • Curation service – authoritative vocabularies are integrated in datasets and they become reusable in data sharing
  • Integration service – an integrating national research infrastructure for social science and allied domains (roadmap)
  • Transformation service – authoritative vocabularies are machine-accessible and used to support data integration
  • Vocabulary service – authoritative vocabularies are machine-accessible by other systems (e.g., survey, GIS and curation tools)